Year 12 Home Learning: An open letter to Seaworld

Dear Year 12 your Christmas Home Learning task will involve a little bit of sitting around and watching a film – not Home Alone, although I highly recommend that.

Task 1: Black Fish is currently available to view on Netflix (and on other sites on the internet). Please watch this while noting down the various ways in which this form of captivity is not suitable for what orca (killer whales) are adapted to. Remember the three different forms of adaptation we learnt about – anatomical, physiological and behavioural adaptations.

Task 2: Write a letter to Seaworld in which you point out the pros and cons of the work they do and the parks they run. In your letter include both your own personal opinion and scientific fact about keeping large mammals in captivity. Is it ethically sound (mention their adaptations!)? Do the enclosures meet the needs of orca? Please do this electronically, as I would like to send the best ones to Seaworld.

The following links may help you:

Deadline: Wednesday 7th January 2015 Period 2 (no excuses).

Merry Christmas!Type_C_Orcas


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