Year 10 Exam

All Year 10 students will be sitting an in-class exam during their lesson on Friday 9th January 2015. The exam will cover aspects of Biology and Chemistry.

Over the holiday you should be revising B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, C1.1, C1.2 and C1.3 only. These modules include:

Keeping healthy and the body’s defense

Nervous system

Plant and animal hormones


Atomic structure

Alkali metal reactions

Forming bonds

Conservation of mass

Limestone and building materials

Extraction and purification of metals

Properties of metals

Some website that might be of use:

Remember, the course you are following is AQA Science A. Also, have a look at my earlier post on answering 6 mark questions ( ) – there will definitely be some of those in the exam!

Merry Christmas and Happy Revising,

Mr Patel


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